Distorted Vision!

Driving down from Dallas to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Park near Glen Rose, I took this picture of a red truck reflected in its own gigantic rear-view mirrors. The silver vehicle on the right is the one we were sitting in!

Click on the picture for a larger version

Single NEF raw file from my camera used to create a simulated HDR image in Photomatix Pro.


Red Lamp and the Beatles, Liverpool

Two pictures from the Museum of Liverpool. Large red display with a photo montage of most famous of Liverpools’ exports – the Beatles.

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Inside the red lamp! Click on image to see a larger version.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to go and see the Beatles show or visit the Cavern Club in town. Still, there’s always a next time!


The Liver Building – HDR

The Royal Liver building (pronounced Laiver) is an iconic landmark on Liverpool pier. The two liver birds (one in the picture below) watch over the city and are fabled to bring luck to the city. This building was the tallest structure in the United Kingdom till 1961 and is one of the first buildings in the world to be built with reinforced concrete.

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 Converted to HDR from a single RAW image in Photomatix Pro.

Love locks Liverpool

Love locks are an increasingly common sight in Europe. I saw them in large quantities in Vilnius many years ago, and more recently in Liverpool a couple of days ago. While love locks may symbolize eternal and unbreakable love, I can’t but agree with municipal authorities that these represent a nuisance. Not only are they expensive to remove, they also litter up a place. Having said that, however, they do make an excellent subject for photography.



These were a few of many hundred locks that have begun to appear on the chain link fences on Liverpool docks by the Mersey.