Dramatic Skies

I recently returned from a visit to Michigan, where one evening the skies put on a dramatic show of the myriad colours contained in natures palette.

Stormy skies, dramatic colours and a sunset. Click to see a larger picture
Sunset over Farmington Hills, Michigan

Images taken with a Panasonic TZ30 compact camera and post-processed in Color Efex Pro

Warning: Here be Dragons!

Legoland is a chain of Lego-themed amusement parks at different locations around the world, including the one in Windsor near London. Away from the milling crowds and long queues for parking and rides, this amusement park in London also offers excellent views of Windsor Castle, the residence of Queen Elizabeth 2.

A Lego dragon at Legoland Windsor


Washington DC Diary – Part 2

One thing that immediately strikes me when visiting the USA is the overwhelming presence of national flags everywhere, nowhere more obvious that in the capital. Public building, private houses, buses, metro trains and many flag poles proudly fly the stars-and-stripes. Coming from the United Kingdom, where flying Union Jacks are a relatively rare sight, this display of the national flag is an indicator of the deep thread of national pride that runs through the population.

US Flags at the National Monument, Washington DC
US Flags at the National Monument, Washington DC

Washington DC Diary

I’ve just come back after attending a meeting in Bethesda, MD and took the opportunity of spending a little time in Washington DC. DC has some magnificent public buildings including the Union Station. The following pictures are of the Washington Union Station and the Columbus Circle just outside this magnificent edifice.

Washington DC Union Station with Columbus Fountain in the foreground.
Washington DC Union Station with the American Legion Freedom Bell.
American Legion Freedom Bell (1975) – 2:1 replica of the Liberty Bell
A memorial to Christopher Columbus (Columbus Circle – the plaza outside the Union station)
Detail of roof at the Washington Union Station

All photographs from a compact Panasonic TZ-30 camera, processed in NIK Color Efex Pro.


Dandelion – British Wildflowers

The earliest signs of spring in gardens and meadows around Britain are the appearance of these tough dandelions. They might be the scourge of the gardener but they do light up meadows with their bright yellow showy flowers. These dandelions were seen on a footpath along a field near Hinxton, Cambridgeshire.

Field dandelion.