Meadow Brown Butterfly


Meadow Brown Butterfly. Commonly found in the UK and Ireland.

I came across this meadow brown butterfly basking in the sunlight earlier this week. As such, these butterflies are nervous and don’t allow you to come close. This one, however, let me get to within a foot before deciding I could be a threat!


Tortoiseshell Butterfly

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly (Near Hinxton, South Cambridgeshire). 28/08/2012

A small tortoiseshell butterfly in South Cambridgeshire. The most common of British butterflies (so nothing special there), except for the thrill of being able to get so close to this beautiful insect. Click on picture to view large size.



Earlier this year I was at Visakhapatnam (Vizag), an important port town on the eastern coast of India. I spied this fishing boat on the boat where the crew had just come with the catch and had finished emptying their nets.

The Bay of Bengal in Visakhapatnam (Ramakrishna Beach). Fishing boat. Contrast enhanced and aqua and blue saturation increased marginally in LR
Fishing boat on Ramakrishna Beach, Visakhapatnam with Dolphins Nose in the background. Visakhapatnam is an important port in India.

These pictures were taken using a Nikon D80 camera with a Tamron 18-250mm lens. Processed in LightRoom 4.1. You can view the large size pictures by clicking on the pictures themselves.


British Wildflowers – Scarlet Pimpernel

Scarlet pimpernel – a small flower with a big and famous name. A low sprawling plant with bright red flowers about 10mm across. All parts of the plant are poisonous and contain glucopyranoside cucurbitacins (Arvenins I to IV). Consumption can cause stomach upsets, trembling and kidney damage. (Source:

Scarlet pimpernel (Anagallis arvensis): picture taken with a Panasonic TZ30 Camera
Scarlet pimpernel: Picture taken with a Panasonic TZ30 camera

For more information, please see:

British Wildflowers – Great Mullein


Great mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is a robust, upright plant that is covered with thick white woolly hairs. It is commonly found in grassland, and verges. The flowers are produced on an upright stalk and are usually bright yellow in colour.

Great mullein (Verbascum thapsus) – a member of the figwort family of plants.

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Tree Lilies

Tree Lilies are a hybrid lilies of oriental and European lilies, and grow up to 8 feet in height with large fragrant blooms. I bought a few tree lilies earlier this year and they’ve grown to about 5 feet tall. Here’s what the flowers look like:

Majestic yellow blooms about 5 inches across with heavenly fragrance.
Dark pink/salmon shaded tree lilies. Also large long lasting blooms on tall (year 1 – 5 feet tall) plants.

Tree lilies can be bought from most good garden centres an nurseries. I purchased mine mail order from Thompson & Morgan. Don’t buy bulbs in autumn, or if you do, desist from planting in the ground till spring next year. I lost a whole collection of these over the winter here in Cambridge.

British Wildflowers – Birds-Foot Trefoil

A common sight in British grasslands and meadows. In high season, whole fields seem coated in yellow.  These plants, also called Lotus corniculatus, belong to the same family as the pea.

Common Bird’s-foot trefoil
Macro-view of Common Bird’s-foot trefoil flowers.

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