Sunset at the Seven Lakes

Seven Lakes drive is a road in the Hudson valley in New York state.. As the name implies the route passes by seven lakes in this forested region of the Harriman state park. This picture records sunset at Lake Tiorati.

Seven Lakes, NY
Lake Tiorati. Click on the picture to see a larger version in flickr

Photographed with an iPhone 4S and processed in Adobe Lightroom.


Zinnia – From my garden

These Zinnia flowers were grown from seeds purchased on my last visit to the US. I love the detail on these flowers and have tried to capture them in this photograph.

Zinnia - Macro
Click on the photograph to see a larger version on Flickr

Photographed on 4th September, 2013 with a Nikon D7000, Sigma 105mm f/2.8 lens at ISO100, f/20, 1/250 with remote flash in slave mode.

Manhattan – HDR

This photograph of the iconic Manhattan skyline comes from a rocking ferry returning from the Statue of Liberty. 3-shot bracketed HDR at -2, 0, 2 processed in Photomatix Pro. Slightly overblown highlights but the sky was dull and overcast and I had to increase brightness and luminance to get anything useful out of the picture.

Click on the picture to see it on Flickr