Under the highway!!

The runnymead bridge on the notorious M25 motoway in London runs over the Thames near Staines. I wonder how many of the thousands of cars, vans and trucks that use the M25 daily have drivers who are aware of the river just beneath them.

The lines on this bridge were wonder to photograph, as were the effects of light reflecting from the Thames.

Shadow and Light.
Runnymead Bridge M25.

These pictures are from my iPhone, post-processed in Photomatix Pro and Adobe Lightroom 5.0

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Scientist, hobby photographer and amateur gardener

8 thoughts on “Under the highway!!”

  1. Was this bridge built (to the right of the second pic you can solid base and I presume that is older engineering) and then widened?

    1. Bala: the other brick bridge is the original bridge that now carries traffic the other way. That one was built by Edwin Lutyens (of New Delhi fame). The new bridge has a series of concrete spans to reduce vibrations to the foundations of the older bridge.. The M25 now is a 8 lane behemoth..

  2. Beautiful compositions and colors. I find bridges very fascinating – especially under bridges. I always look for trolls and fairies. πŸ™‚

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