On a farm in Cambridgeshire

I chanced upon this piece of farming equipment on a farm in Cambridgeshire last week while on a walk. The paint has peeled away and the equipment is rusty, but I’m sure this is still in use today. If I were to hazard a guess, this is probably used on a tractor to turn the soil, but not being a farmer, this is at best just a guess.

Farm6 Farm5 Farm4 Farm3 Farm2 Farm1

And what about the farm, a panoramic shot with the iPhone below.


All pictures from the iPhone 4S. Processed in NIK snapseed software on the phone. Click on any picture for a larger version.

Walking on a Winter Day

Winters are well and truly here in the United Kingdom. The weather changes in a matter of minutes going from bright blue skies to dark thundery clouds and cold winds to rain. These pictures are from last friday near Hinxton, Cambridgeshire and show how the weather changed in about 20 minutes.

A fallow field near Hinxton, Cambridgeshire.
A tree precariously hanging on. River Cam (or Granta) near Hinxton, Cambridgeshire
River Cam (or Granta) near Hinxton. Using a soft-focus post-processing filter.
Changeable Weather. 10 minutes after the last picture.
Time to get indoors and escape the rain!! Hinxton, Cambridgeshire

All pictures shot with an iPhone 4S using the Camera! Awesome App. These images were then post-processed in Adobe Lightroom 4.1 to adjust white balance and contrast as necessary.