Lights and Shadows

My experimentation with HDR photography continues. Over the lovely weekend we had here in Cambridge I visited Anglesey Abbey and Lode Mill in Cambridgeshire. This picture is a composite of 3 photographs at -2, 0 and 2ev of a backlit tree. The images were processed in PhotoMatix Pro using the Painterly 2 filter with further adjustments.

Shadows and Light

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Cambridge in HDR: River Cam

The Cam river is at its widest near the Jesus lock on the navigable part of the river. This HDR picture was taken from the Jesus Lock footbridge that connects Chesterton Road and Jesus Green.

Boats along the Cam. Click on image to see full size version

Cambridge in HDR – Punting 2

I don’t intend to flood my blog and bore you with HDRs of punting pictures from Cambridge, but I had to share this with you. The following two pictures were taken immediately after my last post and so they are slightly different in composition. However, they’ve been processed using two different software (NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 and Photomatix).

HDR Processed using NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 (Deep 1)
HDR processed with Photomatix (Evaluation License)

I liked the output from Photomatix as it was more intuitive to use and seem to allow a greater range of adjustments without making the images look grungy.

The three original images that went into making these HDRs are below (bracketed at -1, 0 and +1), and merged in either HDR Efex Pro or Photomatix.

Image 1 of 3 – At normal exposure
Image 2 of 3 – At -1 eV
Image 3 of 3 – At +1 eV

All images taken in Nikon RAW mode – Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-250mm Lens at 23mm f/4.0 1/640, 1/1250, 1/320 exposures.

Cambridge in HDR – The Round Church

The Round Church in Cambridge is probably one of the oldest surviving buildings in the city.

Cambridge Round Church (12th century AD)

Dating from 1130AD, this is (according to the website) one of only 4 circular churches in England. It is now maintained by Christian Heritage. Not the easiest building to take a picture of, sitting as this is on a busy crossroad in the city. A lovely little church, well worth the visit for sheer character and history. Please click-through on the picture for a larger version.

Trinity College, Cambridge in HDR

Of the 31 constituent colleges that make up the University of Cambridge, none is more famous than the Trinity College. Apart from being the largest constituent college in Cambridge (or Oxford), members of the college have won more Nobel Prizes (32 of a total of 75 awarded to Cambridge University members) than any other institution in the world! The college itself is one of three royal colleges in Cambridge (St. Johns and Kings College being the other two).  Trinity was established in 1546 by King Henry VIII of England, but it was under the leadership of Thomas Nevile, that the college was designed and built. The list of notable alumni of Trinity makes impressive reading, from Isaac Newton, Lord Tennyson, Ernest Rutherford and Niels Bohr to Jawaharlal Nehru, Amartya Sen and Bertrand Russell, and definitely worth a visit on days the college is open to visitors.

The following pictures of Trinity College, were all shot in sets of three and then merged into HDR using HDR Efex Pro from NIK software.

The great court of Trinity College, Cambridge
Central fountain at the great court, Trinity College, Cambridge
ante-chapel with marble statues of famous Trinity alumni.
The Trinity College Chapel organ – built between 1693-1708
Trinity college chapel with the eagle lectern (foreground) and stalls.
Statue of Sir Isaac Newton, a prominent Trinity alumni.
Statue of Sir Isaac Newton, a prominent Trinity alumni. (non-HDR)

Technical Details

Nikon D7000 
Tamron 18-250 f3.5/6.3 Lens
Adobe Lightroom 4.1 with HDR Efex Pro from NIK software

Playing with HDR

I’m new to HDR photography, having only seen some fantastic examples of what is possible from sites such as Of course, none of these examples get anywhere close to the brilliance and professional look of really good HDR photography.

All pictures shot with a Nikon D7000 auto-bracketed 3 exposures -1, 0, +1 and then processed together in HDRefex Pro. Minor adjustments to exposure and grain with the help of a few existing presets in the software. The original middle exposure is below the HDR version for each photograph.


A tree in all its magnificence
A tree in all its magnificence
Original middle exposure
Original middle exposure


An icy bush
An icy bush
Original middle exposure
Original middle exposure
A frosted tree.
A frosted tree.
Original middle exposure
Original middle exposure
Cherry tree blooming ice
Cherry tree blooming ice
Original middle exposure
Original middle exposure


Would love to hear what you think.. Please click on each picture for a full size version.