Cambridge in HDR – Punting 2

I don’t intend to flood my blog and bore you with HDRs of punting pictures from Cambridge, but I had to share this with you. The following two pictures were taken immediately after my last post and so they are slightly different in composition. However, they’ve been processed using two different software (NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 and Photomatix).

HDR Processed using NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 (Deep 1)
HDR processed with Photomatix (Evaluation License)

I liked the output from Photomatix as it was more intuitive to use and seem to allow a greater range of adjustments without making the images look grungy.

The three original images that went into making these HDRs are below (bracketed at -1, 0 and +1), and merged in either HDR Efex Pro or Photomatix.

Image 1 of 3 – At normal exposure
Image 2 of 3 – At -1 eV
Image 3 of 3 – At +1 eV

All images taken in Nikon RAW mode – Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-250mm Lens at 23mm f/4.0 1/640, 1/1250, 1/320 exposures.

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11 thoughts on “Cambridge in HDR – Punting 2”

      1. Tell me about it! I’ve always been experimenting a little bit. Sometimes I’ll get lucky with a good one but usually not. Good luck!(:

      2. Too much to learn and too little time.. But it is heartening to know that I’m not the only one churning out photos that I have to delete really quickly :).

    1. Thanks Wendy!! I usually don’t like the artificially blown up contrasts and colours of HDR since they make a picture look very artificial. For that reason I preferred the latter photograph. I didn’t end up getting blown out colours and contrasts – but that could just be down to my understanding of how these pieces of software work!

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