On a frosty day

Hoar frost affected most of Cambridgeshire this morning when the temperature was about -6C.. During the day it did warm up to about -2C, but still too cold to go out and take some interesting pictures. These are a couple I managed in the cold!!

Hoar frost on some unfortunate blooms.
Hoar frost on some unfortunate blooms.
A confier covered in ice needles
A conifer covered in ice needles

Technical Details:

Nikon D7000
Sigma 28-70 f/2.8 lens

Flowers of Ice…

The temperature across East Anglia touched a chilly -6C over the last two nights. Winter is well and truly here in Cambridge. The rapid drop in temperature meant some great opportunities for photography across my place of work. The pictures below are all from my iPhone 4S. As always you can click on the pictures to see and appreciate these flowers of ice.

Ice flower
Ice flower
2012-12-12 13.13.35
This Brassica died out in the summer, but there’s this second chance to see how it would have looked!
2012-12-12 13.13.05
Extreme frost!!
2012-12-12 13.12.44
Frozen in time!
2012-12-12 13.18.16
The leaves of this plant are usually dark green except today!
2012-12-12 13.25.45
This used to be a Teasel plant..

All pictures with an iPhone 4S (it was too cold to carry anything else!). The images were post-processed in Color Effex Pro 3.0 plugin inside Adobe Lightroom 4.3