Hedgehog – winter spotting 

I almost walked over this poor little hedgehog this morning! In November – fancy that! The fact that it went totally still and pretended to be part of the background didn’t help at all..

Not the worlds best photo by a very long way, but the best I could without stressing the animal or muddying my work clothes!

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Scientist, hobby photographer and amateur gardener

3 thoughts on “Hedgehog – winter spotting ”

  1. Nice shot! I hope this little guy will find enough food and a warm shelter in winter! They are good animals to be around in woods and field because they eat bugs, snails and slugs in the wild.

    1. I hope so.. He had disappeared when I turned back to see him in 2 minutes! I like Hedgehogs for the same reason, they control slugs and prevent my vegetables to be eaten up!

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