“Freedom Tower” – Manhattan

The events of the 9th of September, 2001 are permanently etched in the memories of us all who were witness to a dastardly act of terrorism. In place of the previous twin world trade centre towers now stands the colloquially termed “Freedom Tower“. One World Trade Centre, as this new building is called arose from the ruins like the mythical phoenix from the ashes to reclaim the Manhattan skyline. The spire on top of the tower makes the height of the building 1776 ft, symbolic to the 1776AD US declaration of independence.

The Manhattan skyline. Click on photo to see a larger version.
With the spire, the new world trade centre building reaches an impressive 1776ft. Click on photo for a larger version.

These photographs were taken from the NY-Liberty ferry as 3 bracketed shots at -2, 0 and +2. Processed as HDR in Photomatix Pro. The day was overcast and grey and this is reflected in the rather unimpressive sky tones.