iPhone Photography – Part 1

Continuing with the theme of using the iPhone camera for some standard shots. The following pictures were taken using the Camera Awesome app. No post processing done.

I must admit that the iPhone camera is pretty decent and with a minimum focussing distance of about 3-4 inches, and with the Camera Awesome app I can adjust both the focus and exposure areas.



The problem with the iPhone camera remains that the lens is off centre and it takes a little time to get used to it. And in the absence of optical zoom, keeping the phone far away from oneself just increases the shake. But at the end of the day, its a phone with a camera, and a good one too!

Bellis – A short etymology

Bellis is the scientific name for a family of plants that include the common daisy. The latter derives its name from the saxon word “days eye” which describes the opening of the petals to show the bright yellow centre (eye) in the mornings, to closing them at dusk. The expression “fresh as a daisy” derives from the fact that the flower appears fresh and rested every morning.

One legend has it that the Bellis is named after a nymph or dryad called Belides. According to legend, Belides was dancing in the woods with her lover Ephigeus, and attracted the unwanted attention of Vertumnus, the god of seasons, gardens, fruits and orchards. In order to avoid Vertumnus and protect her lover Ephigeus, she turned herself into the flower we know as the daisy.