Azalea. ISO200, f/18, 1/250 second. Please click on the photo for more size options on flickr.


Shot using a Nikon D700 with a Sigma 105mm, f/2.8 lens. Slave flash at right angles to the camera. Photographed at ISO200, f/18 and 1/250 exposure to achieve under-exposed background.

Memories of a Summer – Azalea

With winter refusing to go away (and threat of more snow in March!!), I thought I’d share some pictures of a warming Azalea from last summer.

Azalea blossom
Azalea blossoms
Peeking from a sea of red - Azalea bud
Peeking from a sea of red – Azalea bud

Azaleas belong to the Rhododendron family of plants that thrive in soils that are non-alkaline, which in the UK means special compost etc. The plants flower from late spring to early summer and lend a splash of much-needed colour in gardens.