iPhone Photography – Part 2

This is part 2 of my series about photography using the iPhone. The pictures below were taken with just the phone, and attempting to reach the closest focussing distance. No post-processing of the images done to alter the images from the camera.

The first two pictures are those of comfrey flowers. Comfrey has known medicinal properties and generally tends to grow as a weed in the United Kingdom. One particular use of the plant is to soothe the skin from nettle rash, handy considering that these are invariably found growing close to one another!

Honeybees find the comfrey flowers irresitible.

The flowers range in purple to blue and seem to change colour with age of the flower.

Comfrey flowers

The flower below is about 2 cm across and grows in the undergrowth. Unfortunately I’ve no idea what this flower is, so if anyone knows, please let me know :-).

As yet unidentified flower

Given that the iPhone can take really interesting photographs without having to use software apps (Instagram etc)  if the lighting is good, I’m not going to have that awful moment of panic when I realise I’ve forgotten my camera at home!

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