Experimenting with Camera! on Iphone

I don’t know how many photo apps I’ve been through since I started on the Apple iPhones. With each release of the iPhone the camera gets better and so do the apps that support more functionalities. At this moment, I have snapseed, camerabag, instagram, camera! and a few others installed on the phone. No one app does everything I want, which mean tweaking and manipulating pictures across multiple applications.

The one that seems to come closest (at the moment) appears to be camera! (with the exclamation). I like this because it allows me to choose an exposure point and focus point separately. This is useful as I can under- or over-expose my pictures based which part of the image I wish to use to lighten or darken. The filters are decent too.

Here are a couple of these pictures processed with Camera! with the originals for comparison.

Wetlands near the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (Processed)
Original Image taken from within the application

The next set of pictures are a closeup of one of the plants. Given that there are about 255000 different combinations between the choice of preset, filters and textures (cost £6.99/$9.99), the possibilities are endless.

Processed with Camera!
Unprocessed image taken from within application

The application is free and comes with only 36 free presets, filters, textures and frames (9 each), but I like it (so far!), and I’m sure there’ll be something else in the future which I will like even more!

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